General Service Overview

IMSS'30 years of manufacturing and product development experience culminates in providing to its customers the finest quality furniture and products possible through relentless application of our QC & QA culture and procedures via our.

  • Attention to details in a product's specifications, features and function,
  • Value engineering to make the product the best it can be per its intended use,
  • Collaborating with the Designers and Purchasing staff to match their creative design with durability,
  • Manufacturing a product to exceed its durability expectations,
  • Constantly improve the manufacturing tools, equipment and procedures to reduce Clients costs,
  • Provide forthright, proactive and consistent communications to our Clients,
  • Training and inspiring our employees to constantly raise their own bar of excellence – Pride
  • Delivering our product ahead of schedule
  • Remaining flexible and resourceful in meeting our Clients ever changing revisions, and to accomplish all of this through sustainable, green LEED processes that will make our world a better place in which to live.